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Becoming a travelette - an application

Today a particularly adorable application reached us via email from a girl called Annika. Reading it made me smile more than once so I thought it might be nice to share it with you. What do you think, would she make a good addition to our team? --------------------- hi, my name is annika and i like travel and writing. like anaïs nin said “we write to taste[...]

Doodlin' in Queensland: an interview with Jodie Lyons

In 2010 my friend Jodie sporadically decided to put her stuff in storage and travel to Australia for a few months.  A few months grew quickly into a year and right before the start of 2012 she set foot on American soil for the first time since she left.  I was excited to see her again, but to be quite honest I almost didn't recognize her.  Never mind it was [...]

Travelette of the month: Solange Knowles

We knew Solange Knowles was a true fashionista but what we didn't knew was: she's also a real travelette! We found that out after reading about her on Garance Dore where she mentions her pretty fabulous tumblr, appropriately called MyDamnBlog. On there she posts photos from her many travels around the world, more often than not stepping in front of the camer[...]

10 of the world's most inspiring female travelers

As travelettes, we believe that women should just grab their backpack, put on their heels and head out to live their adventure of a lifetime. Traditionally thought it has been men who have been credited with the greatest records, the hardest and most inspiring journeys. Therefore we would like to present to you, 10 of the most inspiring female travelers who [...]

Through the eyes of Sonia Gil

Sonia Gil has a tick-tic. Every single one of her videos starts with a tick-tick and then she takes us on a journey to places all over the world. There, she shares her view of the place, a special tip or two and an inside perspective on the people living there. Sonias speaks five languages which allows her to talks to locals and find our first hand what is b[...]

Seanna Sharpe: Inspiring the Impossible

"When I fly, people forget everything they thought they knew about impossible." -Seanna Sharpe Is anything really impossible?  I personally think it is a silly word that gets used entirely too much for the good of anyone. For example, whenever I get back from a trip abroad people always tell me how much they wish they could just pack up and go on an advent[...]

Tess Sheerin: fantasy surfboard artist

What do you get if you cross an artist inspired by Japanese art and street graffiti with broken, forgotten and disused surfboards? The answer: completely beautiful works of art. Kiwi-born, Tess Sheerin, rolled over to England in 2008 to pursue a successful explosive art career that has impacted the surf art-scene hugely through her fantasy- inspired work tha[...]

Traveling Women in History - Nellie Bly

"I took off my cap and wanted to yell with the crowd, not because I had gone around the world in seventy-two days, but because I was home again." These aren't the words of Phileas Fogg, the fictional character of Jule Verne's "Around the World in Eighty Days", these are the words of Nellie Bly, the woman who set the world record for a round the world trip in[...]

Traveling Women In History - Amelia Earhart

“I want to do it because I want to do it.” As simple as this sentence seems, it needs often a lot of courage to do what you want to do. Courage to stand up for your rights, courage to do what your heart tells you to do, courage to be different, courage to set your goals high. Amelia Earhart wanted to do all this, simply because - as she put it - she wanted t[...]

Volunteering in Guatemala - supporting women in the clothing industry

My friend Julie from France and I wanted to volunteer somewhere this summer- the only question was - where? After a comprehensive internet research we decided to go to Guatemala. Why? Because the Mayan culture of Guatemala seemed quite interesting, it was not too far from the States (where I will be studying abroad soon) and on top of that we were offered th[...]

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