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3 Off-Beat Hiking Destinations in Greece

Most people when they think of Greece, they think of islands with amazing beaches, crystal clear water, white houses with blue shutters and cozy taverns that serve ouzo with mezes. You might also think of the archaeological sites and Athens. But did you know that mainland Greece is also an excellent hiking destination? The mainland consists mostly out of [...]

The 8 Best Beaches of Cape Town

Cape Town is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, and for good reason – with huge stretches of soft, white sand, critter-filled rock pools perfect for exploring, swimming in the azure ocean, fantastic surfing beaches, and many spots to soak up the sun, you really can’t ask for much more! So, here are the 8 Best Cape Town Beaches, as chosen by a te[...]

Tips for the First Time Solo Traveler

It's raining outside in New York City as I sit at my favorite local coffee shop, Madame SouSou, in Astoria and write alongside a foamy cappuccino and mason jar of pink roses. As the petals fall on my keyboard, swirling around with the wind sneaking in from the front door, I find myself somewhere between nostalgic reflections of my first time solo traveling[...]

10 reasons to love Dubai

When I told people that I got invited to go to Dubai for a weekend nobody seemed overly interested on my behalf. While I had no real knowledge or preconceived notion of Dubai or why I should go, but 30 degrees in November seemed good enough reason as any for me. The most “enthusiastic” comment came from my Dad when he asked me 'Dubai, mh, isn't that a bi[...]

7 awesome dates in Australia

The land down under is a big, beautiful place full of diversity and culture with a touch of danger thrown in for excitement. While Australia may be notorious for its vast array of land and sea animals that can kill you, it also provides stunning views and entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else. From Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between, Austra[...]

An appointment with London's best hairdresser

Ladies, I have serious business to discuss with you. An issue so important I'm sure many of you have spent hours and days thinking and worrying about it, I am talking about: our hair. Should we wear it long? Short? Curly? Blonde? Pink? Go with fashion or stick to the same do we've had since we were teenagers? The question is not to be taken lightly as hair c[...]

Berlin and those endless summer nights...

Living in Berlin you are spoiled for choice with interesting things to see and do all the time. Great new bars and restaurants open up on a weekly basis, there is always a party to attend, an exhibition to watch, a part of town still to discover. In the almost 5 years I've lived in this awesome city I have almost made a bit of a hobby out of uncovering the l[...]

Top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for 2013

As you can imagine Travelettes are always on the quest for the most extraordinary travel destinations worldwide and the annual travel trade show ITB in Berlin serves as the perfect arena for exactly this search. Katja and I battled our way through the jungle of trade booths for three days and hunted down the top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for[...]

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