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How to fight homesickness

Packing up my things and leaving home has always come natural to me. From the first sleep-over at my best friend's from kindergarten I was hooked. Soon I had stepped up to annual summer camps or ski trips and when I was old enough to fly, I spread my wings and went on a journey that has not found its final destination yet - much to my mum's distress. Moving[...]

The Hindsight Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel

I am fully grown up. Well, sort of; I pay rent and taxes, I live in an exciting, foreign city, and I frequently get to travel to other exciting, foreign places. I am allowed to hire cars and rent a room in these exciting places and I have a credit card that bears my name to pay for it. But once a year I travel back in time and become a child again. It's call[...]

5 ways to be a perfect house guest

My roommate and I have a spare room in our flat. It has been spare only in theory the last few months. We seem to have a steady flow of house guests through that small rear room with the round bed and mismatched blankets. We live transient lives in a transient city, and there is almost always someone visiting from out of town or in between housing to occupy [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Thai Massage

She can’t have been more than five feet tall, but when she asked me to turn onto my back I did and closed my eyes exhaling and suppressing a “this is the life” smile. Suddenly, in one swift unexpected movement she was sat astride me and had placed the palms of her hands on either side of my pelvis. She pushed down. Hard. And she didn’t move for 10, 2[...]

Hippie girl's packing guide: 10 of my essentials

What does it mean to me to be a modern hippie girl?  It means I feel as comfortable barefoot as I do in heels.  It means I can spend the night at a 5-star resort one night and the next night camp on the beach.  It means I am independent and self reliant. It means even if I enjoy wearing it, I don’t need makeup to feel sexy.  It means I can adapt to any[...]

Look and feel good on long flights

Ever stepped off the plane after a brilliant holiday and felt so exhausted you could go straight on another one? Without the right preparation, long-distance flights can be tedious and exhausting. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize the toll that sitting on a plane for hours will take on your body and soul. 1) Keep yourself hydrated [...]

How to travel Norway on a budget

My dear motherland, Norway, is known as one of the world’s most expensive countries, but also one of the most beautiful (and yes, I am very objective in this case). When trying to sweet-talk Norway to people, the first thing I get asked about is if it’s true that a beer cost 10 euros and how one can afford to travel there. During my three years of studyi[...]

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