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Active Things to do in Iceland in Winter

My alarm clock goes off at 9am sharp. A dozy peek out the window reveals nothing but darkness. This far up north it is still night at this time. Wrapped in big coats and scarfs we stomp through the fresh snow that had fallen all night. The air is crisp and clear. For breakfast we head to Prikið, a popular cafe on Reykjavik's central road Laugavegur. As we s[...]

Tremosine: Picture perfect in every way

Tremosine sul Garda. It’s beyond impossible to encapsulate the sheer beauty of this Italian getaway in words, or be able to really get across the crazy deliciousness of the local produce, but after spending a weekend in this mountainous commune beside Lake Garda in northern Italy, I swear I will try to do my damn best as it deserves recognition! Not only [...]

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