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A Guide to the Holidays in New York City

There's just something about the holidays in New York that seems to wrap the city up in a cozy blanket and infuse the otherwise cold, dreary days of winter with a warm glow. New Yorkers bundle up with mittens and puffer jackets holding bright, red Starbucks cups in hands. The streets of our fair city overflow with smiling tourists in holiday sweaters, al[...]

The Hindsight Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel

I am fully grown up. Well, sort of; I pay rent and taxes, I live in an exciting, foreign city, and I frequently get to travel to other exciting, foreign places. I am allowed to hire cars and rent a room in these exciting places and I have a credit card that bears my name to pay for it. But once a year I travel back in time and become a child again. It's call[...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge: Holiday Edition

Slowly a thick cloud of mist creeps over the roofs below; seemingly impenetrable. The sky is dark, but a bright line of light struggles for its life at the horizon. I step outside. I hear the thin crust of ice crack under my weight as I take my first step. I pull my scarf tighter to my face, slip into my mittens. Frozen blades of grass break underneath my fe[...]

100 things that you should pack for a summer roadtrip

"Damn it, I forgot my sunglasses " "And I left my pillow" "Do you really think we can manage 6 weeks without a camping cooker?" "Maybe we should have bought one?" "Maybe we should have." Last summer a friend and I felt spontaneous and decided to hit the road on a whim. That's so fun and romantic isn't it? Yes. It's also the best way to forget about a [...]

Happy New Year of the Snake

Traveling the world at few or no expenses is one of the many things that I love about New York City. There's of course nothing like an actual trip abroad that comes with the planning, the packing, and the journey itself. And then there also is the ever growing bucket-list: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, experience Holi, and party at the Chinese New Year. In New Yo[...]

God save The Queen - Jubilee Weekend in the UK

For those of you who live in the UK, or are simply a bit of an anglophile, you’ve probably heard about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on June 5th, marking her 60th year in power. Thanks to Her Majesty Brits got to enjoy 4-day weekend, giving the nation plenty of time to celebrate. One of the things I love about the Jubilee is that on this rare occasion, [...]

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