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5 Classic Books To Pair With Your Next Vacation

I have two loves: books and travel. So it’s no surprise that I combined the two in my debut novel, GIRLS WHO TRAVEL, a travel-themed romantic comedy that largely takes place in India, Italy and London. From classic literature, I learned that a strong sense of place can be magical. A setting doesn’t just have to be a backdrop; instead, it can per[...]

The Travelettes Winter Reading List 2015

Ladies, there's no denying of the fact that winter has come upon us. Being forced to spend that bit more (or, let's face it, all our) time inside has the lovely side-effect that we can finally catch up on the novels we didn't manage to get through this year despite the best of intentions. There were mountains to climb, oceans to swim and kisses to blow af[...]

Travelettes Reading List for Summer 2014

Hello book-loving friends! That's all of you, right? So I asked my fellow Travelettes to recommend some books for a summer reading list and here are the results, some beautiful wanderlust-inducing reads about places, people and the power of travel. Please feel free to add any of the books you've loved recently in the comments and I will add them [...]

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