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12 Things Travel Lovers Can Do During Lockdown

The Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic has not only meant global travel bans, but many of us are also being required to self quarantine or isolate. It's a bizarre time, we know. But one thing is for sure, if you're one of the many people having to isolate, you're absolutely not alone (even though you may feel like it). You may not be able to travel ri[...]

8 Health Benefits of Surfing You Need to Know

If you are one of the fortunate ones who live near enough to the sea to enjoy the health benefits of surfing, you know just how great it feels to ride the waves. Others may not be as fortunate, and so they plan regular holidays to some of the best places to surf, to get as much in as possible. Even those of you who know you feel great and can attribute it to[...]

What Travel Did for my Body Image

I have always liked being active and staying healthy. When I lived in America, I went to the gym six days a week in the winter and alternated gym days with running outside in the summer. I loved competing against myself for running times, pushing myself in high intensity cardio workouts, and lifting heavy weights to define my muscles and keep my metabolism h[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Surviving Tropical Insect Bites

Palm trees, hammocks and dramatic sunsets over the ocean rank very high on the list of things that make the a traveller's life better. But this raw beauty comes with a price tag that might frustrate even the most seasoned travelettes among you. Yes, you know what I am talking about: insects. And what’s more, the tropical insects. If you are anything l[...]

How yoga makes you a better traveler

via Travelling is among the most stressful things that I make myself go through - by choice, of course. I started writing this blogpost in Tel Aviv at the airport. My flight was delayed and I already knew that I had to spend the night in Brussels, before I would get another connection flight to Glasgow via London. And if that wasn't already enough on my po[...]

Keeping fit on the road

It's a not just a little ironic that I am the one writing a post on exercising here. I've always had trouble keeping up with my exercise - if there ever was any - at home, let alone whilst traveling. But. And that's a big but. Things have changed. From someone who is eating way too many burgers and no salad, who only ran when it was for the bus or airpor[...]

How to cope with being Sick when you Travel

Being sick at home is bad enough, but what happens when you come down with a sudden cold or stomach bug while you’re away? If you’ve travelled much in your lifetime, chances are you’ve been under the weather at some point in your journey, and you’ll no doubt recall how miserable it can be. I was recently exploring some incredible Canadian cities when[...]

50 reasons why coconuts are amazing

Dear coconut gods: I love you. Thank you for bestowing your gifts of bounty upon me and this planet. Since the first time I visited Thailand I have been obsessed with coconuts. There is nothing like an ice cold coconut after a long night of partying to restore electrolytes and replenish, and no better natural moisturizer than coconut oil. If you’ve read my[...]

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