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Cosas Mágicas: A Guide to Tepoztlán, Mexico

What makes a destination truly magical? It is a combination of many things: natural beauty, culture, history, climate, locals, and that feeling that you just can’t put a name on. Tepoztlán, a small town south of Mexico City, is all of these things and more. The Mexican government recognized this and, rightfully so, bestowed  upon Tepoztlán  the title o[...]

Louis Vuitton city guide

Are you still wondering what you should give your (girl)friend who has everything? The books from Luis Vuitton could be a cute Christmas gift for fellow globetrotters who like to travel in style, or at least dream about traveling with some luxury! These guides will give you an overview over luxury hotels, charming guesthouses, shopping, art galleries, hip ni[...]

Moleskine City Love

Creating, drawing, exploring, organizing, painting, recording, sharing, travelling, writing; there are endless uses for a Moleskine notepad and if you needed a reason to love them even more here it is; introducing Moleskine City guides, the first guidebook you write yourself! A Moleskine City guide is not a conventional travel guide with pre-written h[...]

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