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10 unconventional ways to deal with fear of flying

I’ve always been a nervous flyer, since experiencing a particularly bumpy ride into Ghana a few years ago. Lots of people have tried to help me get over my fear of flying, but the usual tactics – deep breathing, meditation tapes, anti-anxiety pills, even having a drink or two while in the air – never seemed to work. Now I feel more comfortable on pl[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Tel Aviv

Sand dunes, camels and oriental markets, or glassy high risers, cats and crazy nightlife - what is your idea of Tel Aviv? Mine was probably a little bit of both. Having met Israelis before, I knew Tel Aviv was a city that never sleeps. I knew it was by the seaside and surrounded by desert. I knew it was considerably secular and welcoming. I had heard about t[...]

8 lessons on how to pack for an active summer trip in a carry-on

Hurray!! Summer is practically here and I can positively feel the sun calling my name and feel the sea breeze in my hair. Now is the time to get planning for those summer trips and see where your summer holidays will take you! I, for one, cannot wait to get in the heat and forget about the trauma of winter (hey, I'm a summer baby!) so am now deviously pla[...]

The World’s only Pizza Museum in Philadelphia

If you had to find a home for the world’s first and only museum dedicated to all things pizza, you’d probably put it in New York City, home of the thin, triangular slices, or Chicago, where deep-dish pies rule. Maybe it’d be somewhere in Italy, where the art of pizza was perfected. But I bet you’d never think to put it in Philadelphia (even th[...]

5 cool vintage shops in Glasgow

Moving to Glasgow just under two years ago has changed many a thing in my behaviour. First of all, I now say didnae instead of didn't and wee instead of little. I also re-defined my perception of rain to anything not soaking me within 5 minutes to 'not being real rain'. And then I think 25 degrees Celsius is really hot. Moving to Glasgow, or more generall[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Flying While Pregnant

21st July 2015. That's the date my life changes beyond recognition. That's the day I become flooded with a new, crazy, all-encompassing love. That's the day my baby is due to be born. Actually, in reality, that's probably not going to be the day at all. Who knows when this baby is going to come and how and if I will indeed feel all those feelings at once,[...]

How to get the most out of Isla Baru in Cartagena

Turquoise waters lap lazily on the shore as the warm Caribbean sun starts to lower in the sky. Sun-kissed beach vendors push carts of fresh fruit, fried red snapper and ceviche while backpackers-turned-beach bums sell handwoven bracelets (which I am admittedly a sucker for and quickly buy) to beach goers draped languidly across white plastic chairs and towel[...]

How to Decide your next Kind of Trip & Destination

For some people, the urge to travel becomes more than just a ‘want’ in their life. It becomes a ‘need’. Whether this need is fuelled by an urge to discover new places, to meet more people, to push yourself outside your comfort zone or simply to have just as much fun as possible in this big, old world – it inspires you to give travel a high priority[...]

Hippie girl's packing guide: 10 of my essentials

What does it mean to me to be a modern hippie girl?  It means I feel as comfortable barefoot as I do in heels.  It means I can spend the night at a 5-star resort one night and the next night camp on the beach.  It means I am independent and self reliant. It means even if I enjoy wearing it, I don’t need makeup to feel sexy.  It means I can adapt to any[...]

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