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Gypset travel - glamorous nomads

Being on perpetual holidays, barefoot and sun-kissed... Impossible? Not quite: there is a handful of people on this planet who seem to actually live this dream life, hopping from one sublime off-the-grid escape to another, on a permanent quest for the endless summer. Who are they? Members of what New York-based journalist Julia Chaplin calls the Gypset (a cr[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Camping

As much as I love camping it is very much a rather contradictory topic.To me it really is no more than some romantic illusion mostly shaped by dubious Tumblr photos: a blond girl with long wavy hair wrapped in colorful shawls, her skin is sunkissed. She’s barefoot but a beaded anklet decorates her right foot. At twilight she sits silently by the bonfire, s[...]

Sleeping in trees - Free Spirit Spheres

When I close my eyes and memorize my childhood, I remember climbing up on trees, sitting in a cozy tree house, looking out for squirrels to visit my new home, being totally at one with nature. I often thought back of those happy days before stumbling across a special hotel on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Finally my dream of a tree house could become t[...]

10 gorgeous trailer campers

A while back, I confessed my love for cabin porn, a great way to virtually escape from the city. I'm also a a sucker for vintage campers and great scenery, and having your own camper makes glamping in style so much easier. Whether you're a crafty travelette with the ability to pimp your own camper, just looking for inspiration or are a vinage fan - these 10 [...]

Two girls, two islands, one campervan: Camping it up in New Zealand

“Dude, where’s my bra?” I called out to Betty on more than one occasion during our two week road trip around New Zealand. It’s not that I usually have to ask my best friend where my underwear is but when the two of you are living out of the back of a van for two weeks it becomes very easy to lose and misplace important items. I'll be honest. I [...]

Glamping in Australia

What's a girl to do if she loves to travel, but hates to camp? Having to deal with camping trips with the confined spaces to sleep, the struggle of changing clothes while lying down in awkward angles, trying to stay hygienic when only a wet wipe is available… I personally don’t understand it and after experiencing too many camping trips where I wake up ([...]

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