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Top 10 things to do with kids in Bali

As every year I knew well into 2017 that I was not going to spend the following winter in Germany. In fact, I haven't spent an entire winter in Europe for the past 13 years, why break with this tradition? Knowing I would be traveling with my 3-year old I opted for a place I had only been once many years ago but kept hearing wonderful things about: Bali. A[...]

Tropical Islands - The Unlikely Oasis Outside Berlin

I will admit that I had serious doubts about visiting an artificial beach, enclosed by a ginormous tent-like construction, but then again, I figured millions of happy visitors couldn't be so wrong that I decided to go for it: I would spend a weekend at Tropical Islands. It was ultimately the idea that I thought my son, who's almost two and LOVES water[...]

A guide to buying your own island

Well, well, just as I was looking into buying a tent for this upcoming summer, I stumbled across this much more exciting option of buying my own island! How could would that be? I could have a bunch of parties, rent it out to P Diddy or Beyonce during summer or start a surf camp or something. After all, it's OK to dream a little. So how do I buy one? The [...]

DIY Sunday: Money Graffiti

Have you ever come home from a holiday with leftover change? In some countries that "change" can be thousands and at times I bring home stacks of bills. My recent trip to Oman for example had me stuck with 1/2 Rial bills, there's a £5 note lying around from my last trip to London and for the purpose of this post I got crafty on a spare 2Reals note from Bras[...]

50 reasons why coconuts are amazing

Dear coconut gods: I love you. Thank you for bestowing your gifts of bounty upon me and this planet. Since the first time I visited Thailand I have been obsessed with coconuts. There is nothing like an ice cold coconut after a long night of partying to restore electrolytes and replenish, and no better natural moisturizer than coconut oil. If you’ve read my[...]

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