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5 Offbeat Instagram Accounts to Follow

  While I enjoy a sepia-toned beach or clinking cocktails gif as much as the next person, sometimes I can’t help but feel a little jaded by The Gram. It’s beautiful - really it is - a lot of it anyway. But, as I was supposed was unavoidable, Instagram has become somewhat of an enemy to itself. We see the sick pic, we want to go, we get there [...]

What it's like to fly long-haul on low-cost carrier Scoot

To say I was suspicious of booking a low-cost carrier to go to to a place that would require over 10 hours of plane travel would be a bold understatement. In fact, when news first hit that Singapore Airlines were launching Scoot, a low-cost airline that offered incredibly cheap deals to go to the likes of Singapore, Bali or Australia I had immediate horror v[...]

The best tips to fly coach in comfort

I love flying. In fact, I love everything about it - yes, even airline food! And no, I don't say that because I tend to fly something fancy like business class. Those chances, even for a frequent flier like me, are far and few between (you can read about one occasion here). Miranda from Sex and The City said: "Once you have done first class, you can never [...]

10 More Tips for the Nervous Flyer

I hate flying with a deep passion. The other day, I had to cancel a trip and was actually relieved: it meant that I would not have to go through the 11 hours on a plane that were needed to take me from Europe to the U.S. West Coast. Only two days later did I start to feel sad: I was not going to travel! I became so fed up that I searched for a solution, an[...]

7 Things to do in Dubai on a Layover

Long journeys can be tiring, especially journeys with a long layover on some faraway airport. While some people will try to avoid layovers by all means, others get bitten by the wander-bug and meticulously plan where to spend their layover and how much time they have. For them, it's just another destination to add to their list - like a micro trip. For ma[...]

10 unconventional ways to deal with fear of flying

I’ve always been a nervous flyer, since experiencing a particularly bumpy ride into Ghana a few years ago. Lots of people have tried to help me get over my fear of flying, but the usual tactics – deep breathing, meditation tapes, anti-anxiety pills, even having a drink or two while in the air – never seemed to work. Now I feel more comfortable on pl[...]

12 Travel Hacks for Flying

I've always been a frequent flyer - taking at least four flights a month - but it's only in the last twelve months that I've become a savvy frequent flyer. What I mean by this, is that for a long time I sort of bumbled my way through booking flights, boarding them, suffering delays and long layovers and getting lost in airports. I was beginning to hat[...]

Patterns from above

I don't know if you're anything like me but when I get the choice on a plane I'd always prefer to have a window seat rather than the aisle - not because I'm trying to get some probably well needed sleep but because the views are always worth it. Watching the clouds or spotting major landmarks from the air is one of my favourite travel past times so imagine[...]

DIY: killing time during layovers with Sky Mall

The Sky Mall catalog is always one of the most interesting ways I find to occupy my time during long plane rides. I have this game I play with myself where I choose what item I would give to what friend. You know, if I was the kind of person who wanted to spend money on totally useful products like a cell phone wrist carrier instead of traveling. If you’ve[...]

Futuristic Flying - In 4 Hours from London to Melbourne

Can you imagine to enter a plane in rainy London and four hours later enjoy the sunshine in Melbourne? Hard to believe, but this might become true in the not too distant future. British scientists have developed a concept for a new 'hypersonic' plane, which could change the way we travel drastically. This project is "part of an EU drive to push forward the b[...]

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