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Melbourne’s First Travelettes Flea Market

Dear Ladies of the World, If you are currently in the beautiful and cultural city of Melbourne, please do make sure you swing past our first Australian Flea Market! It's being held on Saturday 10th March. I have met so many lovely girls who are worrying slightly about how they’re going to get their hands on the cash that will make their trip enjoyableâ[...]

The first Travelettes Fleamarket - in photo and video

Oh how lovely was our first Travelettes fleamarket! The turn-out was amazing and most of the 20 girls who sold their old vintage in support of their holiday piggy bank were able to trade rags for riches. The ladies brought on some really high end stuff which is why I invested most of the money I made straight back into new clothes. Flamenco shoes, a skirt, 2[...]

Travelettes Fleamarket is TODAY!

Hey lovely ladies, for all those in Berlin today on July 4th, please do stop by at our fleamarket to have a look at some serious vintage goods from a group of young women (journalists, artists, bloggers, designers) who all have one thing in common - they're planning a trip. to help them finance their travels come out and buy stuff. for those who do not ne[...]

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