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Backpacking in Dominical and Uvita, Costa Rica

The area around the small towns of Dominical and Uvita, on the Pacific coast of southern Costa Rica, is one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve visited the region four separate times over the course of six years, and although through that period of time there has been many changes, the overall energy of the magical region remains untouched. More hotels [...]

Beats, Bands and Blogs: A field trip to Prague

Do you remember those days back in highschool when you went on a school trip with your friends having a good time, trying to see and do as much as possible within the little time you have, never sleeping enough and certainly not wanting to miss out on a single moment? When then suddenly it was over, you didn't want to leave and you have trouble sleeping beca[...]

MyFest in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin is known for its wild parties and vibrant young scene, and with new clubs popping up every day, and legendary clubs such as Berghain and Kater Holzig - it is no wonder it is one of the prime destinations for hedonistic holidays. One of the many yearly party-highlights is the street festival MyFest in the district of Kreuzberg, celebrated every 1st of [...]

Festival season is on: Win tickets for Electronic Beats in Prague

What could be a better reason to visit a city than attending a festival? Right! This is exactly why we will join some blogger friends on a little field trip to Prague on the 5. of May. This day, the Czech capital will be the arena of the Electronic Beats Festival with a great line up: Apart from headliner Whitest Boy Alive, French music project Woodkid and C[...]

Field Candy - tents designed to stand out

When the clocks change and the evenings are lighter I instantly feel like its summer and that means it's time to get excited about festival season. I'm always looking for fun camping accessories and things to help glamp up my stay in a muddy field which is why I was so excited to discover FieldCandy. FieldCandy invite talented, upcoming or establi[...]

Getting ready for Envision Festival 2012

Envision this: You are gently awakened by the distant sound of waves, and the near sounds of birds chirping in the trees above you. You unzip your tent and step out into a tropical wonderland. After getting dressed and drinking a morning coconut, it's time for yoga. After yoga you take  a quick swim in the ocean, grab some breakfast and then rush out to make[...]

Farewell 2011

OK, so we can all have the basic and boring New Year resolutions of “lose weight”, “hit the gym”, “smoke/drink less”, “hug grandma more” etc etc, but with 2012 being the year that the world supposedly ends… surely we have to live life to the fullest?? Make the most of every month of our lives and embrace it like it’s our last?? Do you want to know what is[...]

Coney Island, home of the hotdog

Coney Island is one of those places that time forgot; a former island and beach holiday resort for New Yorkers, not much has changed since the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster made its debut on June 26, 1927. It was misty and muggy the day I made it down to Coney Island (as the photos might show) but that didn't stop the fun of walking along the boardwal[...]

5 Reasons to go to... Burning Man

I’m a self-admitted festival hussie.  My parents were huge hippies and I grew up going to lots of festivals and giant outdoor concerts, and as an adult I’ve been to and worked at my fair share.  But no other week has blown my mind and changed me as much as going to Burning Man. playa hearts In San Francisco I take it for granted everyone knows about it; th[...]

Highfield Festival 2011

I love open air festivals, but I love them small. After attending the medium-sized Dockville Festival two years in a row, I thought I knew that bigger festivals weren't for me. But then a friend convinced me to go to Highfield this year, which is one of the biggest indie rock music festivals in Germany. I was a little uneasy about attending an event with 25.[...]

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