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10 More Tips for the Nervous Flyer

I hate flying with a deep passion. The other day, I had to cancel a trip and was actually relieved: it meant that I would not have to go through the 11 hours on a plane that were needed to take me from Europe to the U.S. West Coast. Only two days later did I start to feel sad: I was not going to travel! I became so fed up that I searched for a solution, an[...]

After Paris: Why we need to fight fear

I was just about to close my laptop in a really cozy hotel room in Valencia, Spain, after what I thought was a really exhausting day, when my Twitter feed started going mental. The effect of the shootings at the Bataclan, the restaurant on Rue Bichade and the bar near Stade de France became bloodier with each breaking news push notification that made it onto[...]

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