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Do it for the Gram: The Ethics of Climbing Roofs in Santorini

If you Google 'climbing roofs in Santorini', you'll find two things: Stunning photographs, and tales of adventure and beauty. If you read those tales, you'll most likely find some sort of advice on the best spots for the Instagram shot. But as I quickly discovered this summer, there's more to these shots than meets the eye. Is it an Ethical Dilemma? [...]

Is it OK to visit Disaster Sites like Chernobyl?

When my boyfriend said ‘Let’s go to Chernobyl’, I heard ‘Let’s explore abandoned spaces’. Saying yes was a reflex and gawking at disaster porn a compulsion. But planning a trip is never so simple. When I agreed, I entered into a labyrinth of safety concerns and ethical debates that required me to reflect on the role of responsible tourism in a ca[...]

Travelling In The Midst Of A Humanitarian Crisis

Long walks, endless nights, hearts in pain and fear, running away from the past, towards a new future, uncertain as that may be: what people on the run have to go through for a bit of peace and safety is extreme. Some people call their flight a “trip”, thousands of humans are “travelling” through Turkey, through the Balkans, up to the heart of Europe[...]

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