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How should we teach our children to travel?

I estimate I only have a few months of swearing and cursing left. Possibly less. My baby is due any day now and I'm told language skills will start to develop pretty much from day one and that within six months there's a small chance the baby will be making sounds that could be words. So, ideally, I don't want those first words to be the kind that would [...]

Hotels We Love: The Tongsai Bay on Ko Samui

"Pardon me while I hang out in heaven for the next few days" was my first Instagram photo caption of The Tongsai Bay Resort. When the resort opened its white, pearly gates to me (okay, more like bamboo gates), I entered a world where a relaxing vacation lives in harmony with nature. Ko Samui’s first five star green hotel offered four tranquil days of excep[...]

The Footprints We Leave Behind: Exploring the Impact of Tourism

If I close my eyes, I can still remember the first taste of that spoonful of freshly made dark chocolate. The subtle crunch of the sugar granules lending its sweetness, the slight bitter taste from the cocoa beans mixing with the smoothness of the whipped in milk. Moments ago I had seen all 3 ingredients come together like a choreographed dance–melting int[...]

The Ups and Downs of Volunteering in Zimbabwe, Africa

You hear so much about African countries that have exciting things on offer: Morocco for the maze in the medina and its snake charmers, Egypt for the Pyramids and sand dunes, or Tanzania for the jeep safaris and paradise islands; to name but a few. Zimbabwe on the other hand - what would be your number one reason to go? I personally had no desire to visit[...]

Hotels we love: Fellah Hotel, Tassoultante

Today I'm working from bed. And no, thanks for worrying, but I'm not sick, I'm just traveling and I need to get some stuff done. I think the myth that travel writers frequently work on the beach has been thoroughly debunked – too much sun, sand, and distractions holding a surfboard. However there are some spots that I think excellent for writing while on t[...]

The Rainforest of the Austrians in Costa Rica

With images of wooden jungle cabins, untouched beaches and wild animals roaming free, the word “eco-tourism” resonates with my memories of Costa Rica like no other. Never before have I traveled a place where ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY was written across nearly everything: car rental companies, back country lodges, traditional restaurants, tour agencies[...]

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge - Sweden's most primitive hotel

It's often very handy to consult our facebook group to see what sort of things you guys like to read about and enjoy. A surprisingly strong response often comes with anything to do with the outdoors - be it mountain-climbing, canoeing or camping, apparently almost everyone has a soft spot for a "back to nature" type holiday. Yesterday I posted this photo [...]

Meet Knäppa, the eco-friendly digital camera

Photo via inspirefirst.com We here at Travelettes love both photography and being green, and Ikea must be a kindred spirit because they’ve combined the two and created an eco-friendly digital camera. This clever device, which has been dubbed Knäppa, is made almost entirely of cardboard and after 40 photos it can be thrown away with all your normal recycl[...]

How Green would you go?

Us Travelettes believe in responsible and sustainable travel. I would even go so far as to say we are a little "Green" at times as although we like to leave our mark on the world, we don't mean literally. We like to ensure that our high heels aren't damaging the earth underneath us as we travel, explore and appreciate all its natural beauty. However, woul[...]

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