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Chiang Mai: Thailand's Rose of the North

Here at Travelettes, our love for Thailand is undying and forever more. Sorry to sound pretty gushy about that country, but it’s definitely a fav of ours. Sure, there’s Bangkok with Khao San Road and its never-ending bustling fun; sure, there’s the sandy partying of the southern islands; but how about some northern culture in the serene and stunning ci[...]

What your drink says about you (travelette style)

Friendships and meetings are fleeting on the road. There is generally simply not enough time to fully know someone in the short window before one of you heads off to your next destination; and so inadvertently intuition and stereotypes are utilized to dissect a new acquaintance. How are they dressed? What personal belongings did they bring with them? Does yo[...]

Liquor favorites in Lisbon

Whether you go to Brazil, Russia, France or Portugal, all countries have their own drinking culture and delicious drinks that brings you one step closer to the national culture. If you read the Travelettes bio, you already know about my weakness for a good ol' Brazilian Caipirinha, but I'm no stranger to wine or liquor either. Having spent quite some time in[...]

Sangria for dummies

Sangria is one of my favourite drinks; there is something about the mix of wine and fruit that makes it easy to imagine I live somewhere warm, tropical and am surrounded by hunky looking Latino men! Not only does it taste dam good, it’s simple and pretty inexpensive to make: Ingredients: 3 cartons of orange juice 1 box of wine Cup of brandy [...]

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