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DIY Sunday: making fun luggage charms

Ever have a problem spotting your luggage on airport carousels? I know that whenever I fly, I have to keep a close eye out for my over-size, dark-colored suitcase because it always seems to blend in with all the rest. Often by the time I've noticed it's come my way, it's already gone by, so I have to wait for another rotation. And each time, while looking ou[...]

DIY Sunday: Make your own Postcards

Post cards are to traveling what business cards are to people. They are the first indication of how your trip is going, a sneak peak into the good times you're hopefully having in a breath-taking environment. Before you return home and dish out those crazy stories to your friends, before you upload a gazillion photos to Facebook, the post card will have alre[...]

The been there, done that map

When I was just a small Travelette, my father used to have this giant map of Europe on the wall of his home office. Our hometown had a pin with a ribbon on it. Every few centimeters the ribbon had a knot to symbolize every 100 miles of distance to the pin. This way he could quickly see how long it would take him, as a hobby pilot, to fly anywhere in Europe. [...]

Traveletty DIYs with Maps

I love old maps but besides displaying them as art, I just have them folded up and stored in folders or boxes. I guess the most of us had a giant world map in their teenage room to dream about foreign countries and adventures. But we have to admit: that wasn't the most stylish decor next to pine tree furniture, spice girls posters and neon teddybears. So I a[...]

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