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DIY Sunday: Foreign coin photo frame

During my recent travels through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand I loved meeting (and spending!) each country's currency. The notes, coins and amounts were all new and exciting to me. As I travelled on to the next country I somehow ended up collecting and keeping hold of a collection of change which threatened to push me over the edge of many airli[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Traveling Like a Travelette

A while ago, when we told you about how to keep your memories in books with Blurb, I told you that we were in the process of creating a little book for ourselves. Now I'm happy to announce that it is completed and online! With "The Travelettes Diary"we collected a short guide on how to travel like a Travelette. Apart from our favourite photos, it [...]

100 little things you can do to be happy anywhere

It’s all about the little things. Yes, it’s easy to live fully in the moment and be bubbling over with happiness during a travel excursion, but how does one maintain that sense of adventure the rest of the time? It’s all about appreciating the small things, and setting positive events in motion. It's about having fun and making life a never ending cele[...]

DIY: killing time during layovers with Sky Mall

The Sky Mall catalog is always one of the most interesting ways I find to occupy my time during long plane rides. I have this game I play with myself where I choose what item I would give to what friend. You know, if I was the kind of person who wanted to spend money on totally useful products like a cell phone wrist carrier instead of traveling. If you’ve[...]

DIY Sunday: The 5-minute postcard photo frame

Postcards can be super fun to send and receive, but what do you do when you have a stack of them? I've seen them displayed in various ways - from friends tacking a piece of string across the wall and hanging them from it to the neighborhood post-office using postcards to frame world map. I had the idea to use the postcards as a photo frame and now you can to[...]

DIY Sunday - when Travelettes do Christmas

Tick, Tock goes the clock and is ticking away, closer and closer to Christmas. It's about time to think about presents! Wouldn't it be nice if this year we did not have to gift our loved ones with a perfume or a boring vase? This year I'm going to do it different and so do all Travelettes. We're going to make some kick-ass travel related Christmas gifts. But[...]

Art on Globes

If you're anything like me, you can't help but to already start thinking about christmas and the presents you want to give to everyone. You probably have friends, family and possibly co-workers to think of, that's a lot of people you want to thank for keeping you company troughout the past year. I've been roaming the internet lately for good ideas to make[...]

DIY Sunday: Make individual calling cards

Travelettes are social creatures by nature so what happens when you meet someone who you want to stay in touch with? If you're out and about you might quickly say "find me on Facebook!" or call out your Twitter handle as you wave goodbye. Along with all of the amazing ways to stay connected these days, I'm going old school for sharing online details while tr[...]

Travel must-have: baking soda

Lets face it; we all struggle to fit 101 things into a backpack or suitcase when leaving for a trip. But what would you say if I told you there was one single product out there that you can use to clean your teeth, wash your hair, minimise spots, soothe your stomach, clean your clothes and stop your shoes from smelling? Imagine how much space you’d have le[...]

How to... make Italian pasta

When I was browsing through the Internet this morning and found out that today was world pasta day, I could not believe it. What's so unbelievable about that?, you'll probably wonder. Well, keep reading. Following a generous invitation by the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board, I was lucky enough to spend this last weekend in the stunning area of Emilia Rom[...]

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