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DIY Sunday - Floating Back for your GoPro Camera

Last year my GoPro camera went on a little tour to go on an discover the depths of the Atlantic ocean and was never again to be seen. In other words: I lost it. It happened during a minor surf accident when my camera fell in the water and disappeared within seconds. It wasn't even a week old. To expand the lifetime of my new GoPro camera, I decided to build [...]

DIY Sunday: Money Graffiti

Have you ever come home from a holiday with leftover change? In some countries that "change" can be thousands and at times I bring home stacks of bills. My recent trip to Oman for example had me stuck with 1/2 Rial bills, there's a £5 note lying around from my last trip to London and for the purpose of this post I got crafty on a spare 2Reals note from Bras[...]

DIY Sunday: Practicalize your bikini

For my upcoming trip to the Maldives, I was in desperate need for one or two new bikinis since I haven't had a beach holiday in nearly 2 years and all I had were bathing suits. But the "Sweetie, with your bra size you really have to shop really early in the season and not at the very end of it, I'm afraid we don't have anything for you" from the friendly sho[...]

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