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7 Female Instagrammers to Inspire your 2016 Travels

I was something of a latecomer to Instagram, but these days it is far and away my favourite social media. Paired with a love of travel, it’s pretty much a match made in heaven, allowing you a sneak glimpse into fabulous destinations around the world. In fact, whenever I am feeling a bit uninspired about life (which always seems to happen around January whe[...]

Top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for 2013

As you can imagine Travelettes are always on the quest for the most extraordinary travel destinations worldwide and the annual travel trade show ITB in Berlin serves as the perfect arena for exactly this search. Katja and I battled our way through the jungle of trade booths for three days and hunted down the top 5 Out of the Ordinary Travel Destinations for[...]

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