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A different world in the Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert in Chile is otherworldly. The rugged, dusty, red terrain is so unusual that it is often used as a substitute for Mars in Hollywood films. And the fact that it’s hot, dry and at high altitude means the desert has some of the clearest night skies on earth, and is supposedly the best place in the world for star gazing. That's why it’s home to[...]

From the Dead Sea to the Desert: Road Tripping in Jordan

'This creed of the desert seemed inexpressible in words, and indeed in thought' T.E. Lawrence We wipe the sand speckles from our eyes and adjust to the outside humidity which swelters you in the midday sun. It seems we have arrived on Mars. A barren, sparse landscape of muted browns and golden yellows, broken up by huge impending rocks which shape the lands[...]

My Desert Adventure - Discovering Morocco with a Group Tour

Travelling through Morocco will change your perspective - and not only when you lollop through the desert sitting high up on a camel. The pink hue of Moroccan architecture, the vast expanse of the galaxy at night-time in the desert, the colourful traditional garb, the depth of flavour of local dishes, the bustling markets at night-time: Morroco is eye-openin[...]

A Travelettes' Journey into the Sahara Desert

Seeing the Sahara Desert is like stepping into a desktop screensaver - all at once familiar yet surreal, almost too pristine and too perfect to be surrounding me. The moment I set foot on the sand, the desert seems to engulf me as I am instantly surrounded by rolling orange-red sand dunes on all sides that is interrupted only by an occasional bush s[...]

Glamping in the Desert: 5 Cool Tent Camps

Dry heat has never been my thing. Other than just about every person from Central Europe who I had this discussion with, I prefer the humid air of the rainforest over the arid climate of deserts. When I visited the Californian Death Valley a few years back and we took a short walk in a small canyon, the dry air made my lungs feel compressed, my body deprived[...]

‎Traveling along the Nile in Egypt

Mention Egypt and the first that comes to the mind are the ancient pyramids of Giza. Yet, on my recent journey there I found out that Egypt is of course so much more than mysterious triangular architecture. That's why, besides scaling the great pyramids, I ventured Cairo and Giza for relaxing boat rides on the Nile and countless temples in the southern re[...]

Namibia – Where desert, ocean and the moon meet

“Where is the 4x4?”, “Check the gear stick!”, “I am, there is nothing.” “Maybe a button?!” “A button? Since when do you put the 4x4 in with a button?”. When three very proficient drivers cannot find it, chances are that no, the car you hired is not hiding the 4x4 from you, it simply does not have one. And as it is not the Batmobile, ch[...]

Travel Essentials for a trip to the Middle East

While American drones raining down on Pakistan and Yemen (bet you never read that intro in a travel piece) may disqualify them from being the ideal places for a female solo traveler, a large part of the Middle East is very much suitable for exploring and getting inspired. My no. 1 girl crush Sophia Bush recently made a trip through the Middle East and her li[...]

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