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Is Edinburgh the Ultimate Festival City?

When I think about why people might add Edinburgh to their travel bucket lists and flood the streets of the Scottish capital year-in, year-out, I think of the medieval Old Town with its picturesque castle, the picture-book views from Carlton Hill and Arthur Seat, and The Elephant House coffee shop for Harry Potter fans. People go to Edinburgh to marvel at ar[...]

Finding the real Morocco outside Marrakech

"You are all travelers; the tourists will go to Marrakech or simply stay in the resort town of Agadir, but what you are seeing now is the real Morocco." After days of winding mountain roads, small Moroccan villages and traveling from Marrakech to the Sahara, our Topdeck guide was gushing about the real Morocco so often overlooked by visitors to this country.[...]

6 reasons to put Pushkar on your bucket list

I recently traveled India for the first time and because it is such a huge and overwhelming country, I asked a friend, who had lived in Delhi for two years, for advice on how she would go about doing it right for the first time. She gave me great advice, some of which I bundled here in one of my other India posts, but one recommendations that stood out was t[...]

10 Tips for the Edinburgh Festivals

After living in Scotland since 2013, I finally made my way around to Edinburgh in August, when no less than six of the city's twelve (!) annual festivals rock every last stage the city has to offer and, if necessary, build their own. The Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe, the Book Festival, the Art Festival, the Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh M[...]

The colours of Japan

I was about to visit Asia for the first time, and of course I had certain things in mind, when I thought about Japanese culture and its people. Still, I didn't really know what to expect. I am not a big planner and think that it doesn't matter how much research and planning you do in advance - the experience itself is the thing that counts and without too mu[...]

‎Traveling along the Nile in Egypt

Mention Egypt and the first that comes to the mind are the ancient pyramids of Giza. Yet, on my recent journey there I found out that Egypt is of course so much more than mysterious triangular architecture. That's why, besides scaling the great pyramids, I ventured Cairo and Giza for relaxing boat rides on the Nile and countless temples in the southern regio[...]

The Ups and Downs of Volunteering in Zimbabwe, Africa

You hear so much about African countries that have exciting things on offer: Morocco for the maze in the medina and its snake charmers, Egypt for the Pyramids and sand dunes, or Tanzania for the jeep safaris and paradise islands; to name but a few. Zimbabwe on the other hand - what would be your number one reason to go? I personally had no desire to visit[...]

Meeting the Himba in Namibia

For years, photographers have been drawn to Namibia's northwest – to a community living among the majestic Makalani palms at Palmfontein: the Himba. They invite visitors to see how they live and learn about their proud and ancient culture. From skin care to clothing and perfume, many Himba continue traditional practices that have remained unchanged for gener[...]

5 Halloween traditions from around the world

For a Travelette that’s been known to indulge in a spot of merry-making, October isn’t just the time for watching trees change colour and crunching your way through the park. 'Tis the season instead for the first real excuse to throw a party since the summer - the month of that spooky jamboree where pumpkin sales go through the roof, we’re raiding the festiv[...]

On two wheels through China

Lugu Lake, bordering northwest Yunnan and southern Sichuan provinces of China, is known for its clean waters, amazing views and as the land of the matriarchs. In addition to being home to the Mosuo, a unique matriarchal ethnic minority, Lugu Lake is the second deepest lake in China. I had first learned about the lake in 2010, while I was living in Yunnan, bu[...]

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