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The Contiki Guerilla Army takes over Europe

A while ago, we posted about getting paid to travel and party, where Contiki Holidays was recruiting young, open-minded travelers to promote their brand at various music festivals throughout Europe. In return, participants would have the pleasure of traveling through Europe for 3 weeks, all expenses paid. Following the appeal, hundreds of you applied [...]

Contiki Euro-Trip: Get paid to Travel & Party

Imagine the following scenario: You have the summer off and would love to go traveling across Europe, meet a ton of people, go to festivals and have the time of your life. Now what if I told you that you can have all that for free AND get paid on top of that? You don't think that's possible? Well, think again! Our friends over at Contiki, the wo[...]

Group travel though Mexico with Contiki

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a guy called Nick, who is the head of marketing in Europe for Contiki, the world's largest operator for young group travel. Up to that point I wasn't even aware that there was group travel specifically for young people and had I known, I would have probably assumed that it caters to people who have no friends o[...]

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