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5 Reasons to Visit London in Fall

It's that dangerous time of the year again, when the last days of summer have been counted (autumn officially started on September 23rd) and we are all at risk of drifting into an ugly post-summer-depression. But alas, there is travel, and escaping this monotony does not necessarily mean having to run far and long to escape the dropping temperatures en[...]

Travelettes in Tights: Win a Trip to Australia with LYCRA® brand

Have you ever heard about LYCRA® fiber? I'd be surprised if you hadn't, because it's everywhere! LYCRA® is a fiber, that is particularly well-known for its elasticity. It is blended into all kinds of fabrics so clothes get a stretchy feeling, following the curves of your body. You have probably come across it in your skinny-fit jeans, yoga pants, swimwea[...]

Introducing our Travelette Bestival Reporter!

With the end of summer looming in the UK, the only way we Travelettes could help ease the blues is by providing the fantastic opportunity to be our guest Travelettes reporter for the ultimate cool festival: Bestival! We ran a competition for one lucky reader to score press passes and we had a number of excellent applications for this, making it a toughie to [...]

Win a photo book with Travelettes and Kodak

Are you usually last minute about Christmas gifts like I am? Do you also always make a new plan each year to be better about it in the future? Good thing that this year was the grand exception as I was invited to test the Kodak photo book software (which you can freely download here) which allowed me to assemble some of my favorite travel photos of trips [...]

Win the ultimate American Roadtrip

Howdy travelettes, Did you ever dream about going on a road trip through the Southwest USA? I sure have been thinking about it ever since Katja shared her amazing videos (1, 2) and photos (1, 2, 3) from her American road trip with us. Now I you finally have the chance to win a 10-days-trip with trekamerica. Tour highlights include a Navajo guided 4[...]

Escape the winter and win a trip to New Zealand

Dear travelettes, While surfing the web for interesting travel ideas I stumbled over a competition to win a trip to New Zealand. Just when it starts to get dark and cold in Europe, you can escape to the beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature of New Zealand. The travel agency STA and the travel portal 4trips are making it possible for 14 lucky adven[...]

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