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The Romance on New York City's Streets

Busy taxi driver turned incredible human nature photographer, Matt Weber, has finally released his urban life photography after 30 years. Inspired by the snapshots of life he encountered on the roads of New York City, he began capturing the soft, emotional and human element to the gritty city. And what he featured highly in his series was the romance between[...]

I heart Camden Town

There is always something happening in Camden. One of my hands down, favorite locations to shop, wander and people-watch; the centre of the alternative fashion scene is a wonderland of fascinating sights, smells and sounds. Hop on the underground’s northern line to step through the looking glass into one of London’s most diverse shopping locations and pi[...]

The Abstract Art of Orientation

You wander the streets of a new city. You have never been here before, you're lost. Every corner looks the same, the same shops are selling artistic cupcakes, coffee in paper cups, plastic souvenirs to bring home or magazines which you can't read anyways. The streets are either to small and windy or too wide and straight to allow any form of orientation. You[...]

My Vancouver Declaration of Love

I hereby declare, that I love the city of Vancouver. Ranking 5th on Mercer's 2012 Quality of Living, just after Munich and before Düsseldorf - the higher than any other Northern American city, there are definitely several reasons to support my love. After visiting California in 2009, travelling to British Columbia was my first visit to the Americas in 3 ye[...]

Lost in Tokyo with Mark Bramley

When you travel you might want to bring back the stories and impressions you had. A dried flower, food poisoning, a handful of sand, 8GB of photography, a little scar or a complete new point of view on how the world turns are only some of the possibilities you have. It's never that easy to capture what a place is and feels like for you. How can you [...]

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