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Glamping in the Desert: 5 Cool Tent Camps

Dry heat has never been my thing. Other than just about every person from Central Europe who I had this discussion with, I prefer the humid air of the rainforest over the arid climate of deserts. When I visited the Californian Death Valley a few years back and we took a short walk in a small canyon, the dry air made my lungs feel compressed, my body deprived[...]

A Tent for Travelettes

Camping makes my heart beat faster - bonfire, BBQs and picnics, a comfy sleeping bag, being woken up by the sun and watching a beautiful sunset over the hills. That a camping trip does not always work out that way has been stated before, but ever since I moved to the UK I realized that the cooler temperatures of the north make for a very pleasant camping exp[...]

A girl in the wild - The art of camping in heels

Remember this picture of me when Katja first introduced me as a new Travelette? I had just attempted my first ever official camping trip. Well, trip sounds a bit too grand, it was one weekend, but nevertheless I was proudly wearing my borrowed headlamp and drinking my pink champagne. The headlamp would be useless a few hours later as I was fumbling with the [...]

What Does Your Luggage Say About You?

Finding the perfect piece of luggage is a bit of a trial and error affair. We’ve all been seduced by fancy looks over functionality. We’ve all thought we’ve invested in a bag that would ‘last a lifetime’, only to find that two weeks of hauling around on buses/trains/planes has caused it to split right at the wrong time. We’ve all wanted to have t[...]

World's Coolest Internship: Husky Dog Handler

Amalie is a young Norwegian girl. She is twenty years old, has long straight hair and bright green-grey eyes. She loves animals, she likes to run and to swim and she smiles when she receives messages from a boy she likes. One day she'd like to travel the world. "I'd like to see more of South America." She says. "I want to travel around, meet the local[...]

12 things you must do before summer's over

With autumn looming in the distance and limited time left of the summer’s sun, the great outdoors needs to be fully seized and enjoyed before it is too late! Road trips, camping trips, hikes, bike rides; all these things must be done before the miserable winter sets in and you regret your missed sunny opportunities. Don’t let that happen and don’t resi[...]

Camping in New York City

Would you say it's legal to camp in Central Park? Probably not. My fellow Travelettes' recent articles on camping and glamping reminded me of my New York bucket list which holds all the things I still want to do or experience when I get back to the city. This list also includes rooftop camping. Even though friends and I had toyed with the idea of setting [...]

Top 5 Spots to Go Glamping in California

Glamping is one of those travel trends that sounds good & looks even better. It’s the thing to do if you’re a glamorous Travelette who sometimes likes to kick off her heels in a pretty tent cabin before heading out for an afternoon in the trees. We’ve previously shared some of our favorite places to go glamping in Australia, but we’re ready to ta[...]

The Travelettes guide to packing for festivals

Oh Glastonbury. The iconic English music festival. The place to be in June where you can frolic in fields, listen to great music, see great fashion, party with friends (and strangers) and just generally have a fantastic knees-up in the old British countryside. You've probably been inundated with festival highlights and updates over the media waves as it is t[...]

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