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The Avant/Garde Diaries

It's been a long time coming and we're happy to announce that they're here: the AVANT/GARDE DIARIES. The idea behind this new digital interview magazine, is to feature creatives from around the world which share one commonality: an unconventional and extraordinary approach to their line of work. With their head quaters in New York City, the AVANT/GARDE DI[...]

Robin Street Market: travel from your armchair

The rain is lashing down outside, it’s cold and gloomy, you’re wrapped up in a blanket next to a roaring fire dreaming of far away countries with exotic sun, bustling markets full of unique items, taste-bud tantalising and exciting cuisines being thrust upon you… it all seems like a world away when you’re at home after work, surfing the net checking [...]

Mojito lovin'

Mojitos are good. And I already told you about my personal favourite Mojito bar in Barcelona. But: I recently came across a very cool tumblr blog which judges Mojitos all around that wonderful city. Mojitos en Barcelona contuinously adds more and more bars and their Mojitos, including a five star rating system, the price and address. Salut! If you[...]

Travelettes recommend - summer goals

Thanks to student flair, we recently came across a wonderful tumblr called summer goals, posting pictures of the things we should aim to do this summer. Swimming in an ocean, lounging by the lake, picknicking in a field, eating rasberry ice-cream, watching the sunset from a rooftop with all your friends, going on a road trip, camping out in the woods - you g[...]

Food Blogs from Italy

Dear Travelettes, Preparing for an upcoming trip usually means a lot of reading. Be it in guidebooks, articles, blogs, forums - going into your trip well prepared much increases your chances of seeing all the good stuff and not missing out on stuff the brochure from your hotel doesn't mention. And so it is that for my trip to Italy in 4 weeks I've begu[...]

Finding Berlin

"People who come to Berlin can’t find what everyone loves about it. People who have always lived in Berlin can’t find what they used to love about it." "Finding Berlin" is a new blog exactly about that, about finding what makes Berlin so special to people. I for myself don't live in Berlin, but I love this city and I can't even tell you why. Is[...]

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