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The World of Travel Perks (and How to Land Them!)

I must have danced around the room for five minutes when I first checked into the charming Relais Christine during my assignment to review hotels in Europe this past November. That spiral staircase, that view of the Latin Quarter's rooftops, that huge hotel bed and spacious room made my New York apartment look like a basement water closet. While living in [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Becoming a Travel Blogger

The world of travel blogging is a whimsical one that is often shrouded in questions: How do I become a travel blogger? Where do I begin? How do I earn money? How do I gain a following? How do I earn free travel? To be a full-time travel blogger is to be greeted with eyebrow raises as your career borders on mythical, as people try to wrap their mind aroun[...]

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