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4 Easy Ways to Get Great Underwater Photos

I’ve always been interested in underwater photography and can spend hours looking at incredible water snaps of surfers, fish or aquatic adventures. In attempt to recreate some of this magic I've been exploring options which would allow me to dive into the world of underwater photography. Photo by James R.D. Scott Photo by Micah Camara The easiest, chea[...]

23 Lessons I Have Learnt From Traveling

I stumbled across Karen's blog, Dreamin The Life, and her incredibly poignant and insightful post of "27 things I've learnt in 27 years". It got me thinking, what had I learnt in my 23 years? I don't feel particularly wise at all and feel I have so much to see/learn/do/go, but as Karen said, sometimes you have to stop, and look back and realise you've come a[...]

Hedonistic holidays around the world

Almost everyone enjoys a few quiet days on the beach reading a good book and relaxing in the sun. However, sometimes you just need to let your hair down, drink, dance and party till your feet scream STOP. So here are five of our favorite places to forget your name and let your alter ego run wild! 1) Prague As probably one of the only cities in the w[...]

Paddle around the pier - Brighton's biggest party

Sunshine seems to be quite rare this summer. This is why we should enjoy every sunny day and make the best out of it. And what makes a day be better than relaxing at the beach or getting involved in some outdoor activities such as skating, surfing or listening to some good music? Only one hour away from London you can find the cosy town of Brighton, which o[...]

La Paz, Mexico - Palm Trees, Ice Cream and Dolphins

Baja California, Mexico's Southern extension of the American California not just geographically quite the opposite of its American counterpart. It consist to large parts of dry, fruitless land with the reputably lawless Tijuana in the North and the touristy, soulless resort town of Cabo in the South. The latter was probably my least favorite place in Mexico,[...]

Poland's best-kept secret: Hel

Looking for a fabulous summer getaway that your budget can afford - yet fed up with crowded beaches that look like this...? When planning a relaxing beach holiday in Europe, you don't need to limit your options to the usual Mediterranean tourist destinations. Think outside the box, think... Poland! Hel is the name of a peninsula in Northern Poland [...]

From La Ciotat with love

When I say the South of France, I bet you instantly think of sunning yourself on a yacht in Cannes, Nice or St Tropez. Well I say it's nice if you can afford it! But you don't have to have a budget as big a super yacht to experience life in the South of France; you just have to be savvy about where to stay! La Ciotat and the neighbouring towns of Cassis a[...]

Dreaming of Gozo

It’s a little ironic that I’m about to tell you about a great summer destination as I sit on the sofa in my flat under a blanket, wearing thermal undies and two pairs of ski socks. However, there is nothing like a bit of imaginative escapism to warm you up during a long cold winter! “Gozo? Huh?! Where?” Yes, that’s what most people say when [...]

L.A. beach tales

Los Angeles held somewhat of a surprise for me because this time I actually liked it. I had been here a couple of times before with friends and back then, I could not get into it. Maybe it was good that this time I came here on my own because that allowed me to take in the city on a more personal level and for a moment was able to imagine what it would feel [...]

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