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It's so lovely to hear from other female travelers who are inspired and motivated by Travelettes.net. Especially from girls who are undergoing their travels right now, blogging/recording/filming their adventures for the world to follow and share their laughs, tears, traumas and memories. And here is a perfect example of such a thing: MISSADVENTURES. O.k[...]

Porquerolles, a visual diary

One upon a time there were two girls who yearned for an island adventure. One where they could walk barefoot along the beach, sip rosé in the afternoon sunshine, chase seagulls and boys with yachts, watch the sun come up and forget the the real world exists. Porquerolles beckoned: The romantic village  filled their hearts and minds as they slowly settle[...]

Tess Sheerin: fantasy surfboard artist

What do you get if you cross an artist inspired by Japanese art and street graffiti with broken, forgotten and disused surfboards? The answer: completely beautiful works of art. Kiwi-born, Tess Sheerin, rolled over to England in 2008 to pursue a successful explosive art career that has impacted the surf art-scene hugely through her fantasy- inspired work tha[...]

Farewell 2011

OK, so we can all have the basic and boring New Year resolutions of “lose weight”, “hit the gym”, “smoke/drink less”, “hug grandma more” etc etc, but with 2012 being the year that the world supposedly ends… surely we have to live life to the fullest?? Make the most of every month of our lives and embrace it like it’s our last?? Do you [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Perth

Perth was nothing like what I expected. Located in Western Australia (WA) and being the most isolated city in the world, I expected it to be a very small condensed place with all the excitement residing in the city centre. In fact, the fun lies across the entire expanse of Perth throughout many suburbs which if not explored; means you haven’t fully seen Pe[...]

The Icebergs, Sydney

When I think of Australian beaches, it’s usually beautiful stretches of sand, rolling luscious surf, babes of both gender laying out to bake, and the odd irrational but understandable fear of jellyfish, sharks, etc lurking in the unknown depths. I love the beach, but sometimes when you want to get some serious swimming done and get that blood pumping, a po[...]

Glamping in Australia

What's a girl to do if she loves to travel, but hates to camp? Having to deal with camping trips with the confined spaces to sleep, the struggle of changing clothes while lying down in awkward angles, trying to stay hygienic when only a wet wipe is available… I personally don’t understand it and after experiencing too many camping trips where I wake up ([...]

Experiencing Kenya

After years of bad headlines about pirates and hijackings, sex tourism and terrible killings, even the toughest wannabe G.I. Jane travelette could be forgiven for being more than a tad cautious about travelling through East Africa. The country is probably known for three main things: big-game safari, amazing marathon runners and The Lion King. However, [...]

The Glass Beach: a recycled beauty

When I was a child, I would look forlornly at the uncomfortable stone and pebble beaches my mum would take me to in England. Trying to sit comfortably would be awkward and painful, and traipsing to the sea shore would require hobbling and limping over spikey rocks. I would amuse myself though by wandering the beach with a sand bucket, choosing pretty pebbles[...]

Coney Island, home of the hotdog

Coney Island is one of those places that time forgot; a former island and beach holiday resort for New Yorkers, not much has changed since the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster made its debut on June 26, 1927. It was misty and muggy the day I made it down to Coney Island (as the photos might show) but that didn't stop the fun of walking along the boardw[...]

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