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Baleal Surfcamp: Surf, Sardines and Rock'n Roll

Recentlty I went to visit Portugal for the first time in my life and immediately had one huge regret: Why hadn't I been there earlier? After the first contact with the sandy beach and my first dip into the ocean I knew that this would defintely not be my last time and I am already now planning my next roadtrip to Portugal this summer. I had come here for the[...]

Sand-tastic! The Sand Sculpture Festival in Brighton

As one of the few Travelettes that is permanently travelling (aka homeless with a suitcase) and the girl who wrote this post about being a world travelling digital nomad, it was somewhat of a shock to end up back in Britain for a few months for a few different reasons (not least, I'm an Auntie for the first time, yay!). It's even stranger that my current[...]

The Crest of Surf Photography

What I love about photography is the fact that it can take you to places you've never been to and open up worlds you might have never discovered yourself. A single picture can say more than a thousand words and carry more emotions than the longest love letter. Looking for this kind of inspiration, I like to sit down for a few minutes and browse the web for s[...]

Playa de Xago - a Mysterious Surf Spot in Spain

Traveling alone can be boring sometimes. It can also be inspiring, amusing or even scary. Even though there are some bad sides to traveling alone, it can be very fulfilling, as you might discover places, you could have never imagined or you meet people, who end up becoming close friends who stay in your life for many years to come. Last summer was the first [...]

Things to do in North Central Florida

Florida is mostly associated with cities like Miami and Orlando, or major attractions like Disney World or Key West. The sunny state is the perfect spot for a beach vacation full of white sand, palm trees, and candy colored houses along the shoreline. But the Sunshine State has many other beautiful destinations worth exploring. How about visiting the United [...]

Airlie Beach is where I learned to relax

There appears to be nothing special about Airlie Beach, that little town at Australia’s East Coast usually referred to as the gateway to the famous and beautiful Whitsunday Islands. It mainly consists of Shute Harbour Road where all the hostels, bars and shops are, and the marina from where several boats leave for a typical Whitsundays adventure every day.[...]

World's Best Beaches - Koh Racha, Thailand

Nowadays the words "unspoilt beach", "white sand" and "clear blue sea" don't always go together, especially when the sentence also includes the country "Thailand" where although the beaches remain stunning and paradise like, they are far from undiscovered or out of this world. That was until I took a speedboat to Koh Racha Yai from the busy and bustli[...]

Lighting up the Night Sea

Have you ever heard of the fluorescent plankton that lurks out in deep waters? The kind that lights up and glitters when you move through the water? To those who haven’t it may sound like some exotic magical occurrence, and even though I had vaguely heard of it, I had never quite fathomed what it would look like. But lo and behold, on my recent trip to Tha[...]

Beach Life - Aerial Photography by Gray Malin

Finally I found summer! I was beginning to think it was going to pass Europe by but no it's alive and kicking here. Admittedly, here is down in the south of France where a wash out summer season is as unusual as a Frenchman missing out on his after work aperitif, but I have to say that it feels good to be somewhere warm and not too far from a beach. One o[...]

Do you dare to bare all?

I'm a lot more likely to be found on a beach in the north of England or the Belgian coast than in the Mediterranean - and it's usually a bit chilly there without a thermal windproof rain jacket never mind without a bikini top, yet regardless of the weather topless sunbathing has always been a bit of a minefield to me. My initial reaction is not one [...]

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