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Dance with somebody: Roskilde Festival in Denmark

There is one crucial question which every girl has to answer at one point or another: could you do without the daily look in the mirror, a hot shower and a powered hair dryer? Respectively, would you like to go to a week-long music festival? If said music festival proves to take place in Roskilde, Denmark, your answer should most definitely be YES! The Rosk[...]

Where Neon City rests its Bones

When visitors think of Las Vegas, naturally everything glitz and glamour will spring to their mind: streets lined with posh hotels, world-famous show attractions, and 24-hour nightlife. Towering above the crowds, billboards and high-tech video screens in colorful hues vie for the stunned visitor's attention. And yet, one of the world's most famous old-fashio[...]

The Little People Project

“Abandoning Little People on the Streets since 2006” is the project's slogan, which is pretty mysterious and intriguing… but when you begin exploring this little blog, The Little People Project, the adorable art and photography that take the miniature figures around the world is captivating and you can soon lose a good couple of hours trawling through the ar[...]

Ariel’s Revenge - Cancun's Underwater Movie Set

So, the story of The Little Mermaid involved, erm, a little mermaid who found herself on land surrounded by humans and being expected to blend right in with her pretty little feet and seashell bra. Right? Well, although growing a tail and flipping about with the dolphins was probably just a pipedream for many of you, there is a person who has flipped the e[...]

NYC's High Line: an elevated oasis

Although I l have lived in a major metropolitan city for close to a decade, I still consider myself a country girl at heart, and my favorite places in cities tend to be areas where the natural intertwines with urbanization. Not long ago I spent a week visiting my recently transplanted friends in New York City, and got to spend a day walking the High Line, a [...]

Bompas & Parr at the Absolut Blank Atelier

What do you travel for? Is it sun? People? Food? Or could it even be art? This past weekend I spontaneously decided to follow an invitation and travel to Munich in order to attend a pop up gallery called Absolut Blank Atelier where over the course of 4 days, different artists would show their work. Special about this was that not the finished result was a[...]

The sand art of Andres Amador

A true artist does not need much to create something that is new and awe-inspiring and in the case of Andres Amador all it takes is a rake and a beach. The San Francisco based landscape and movement artist has made it his specialty to draw unique and original designs into beach sand when the tide is low, always at risk of his work being swept away before it'[...]

Doodlin' in Queensland: an interview with Jodie Lyons

In 2010 my friend Jodie sporadically decided to put her stuff in storage and travel to Australia for a few months.  A few months grew quickly into a year and right before the start of 2012 she set foot on American soil for the first time since she left.  I was excited to see her again, but to be quite honest I almost didn't recognize her.  Never mind it was [...]

Artistic street rebellions

A revolution has been taking place on our streets and we might not even have realised. Artists have long been reclaiming public spaces as open forums to showcase their art but this new rebellion is taking street art to the next level - to the street level. . An underground guerrilla gardening project has been taking over London over the past few mont[...]

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station... But it sounds lik[...]

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