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Top 12 Free Things to do in Melbourne

We all love free things. Especially me. And when traveling and having to look after your budget, sometimes you just need some free things to do in a new city to ease up on the spending, while still being able to explore. Australia is a tough place to travel in financially since the dollar is so strong. It makes everything seem real pricey when you’re not e[...]

10 Things to do in New York City for Free

I love New York. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Unfortunately, my love affair with the Big Apple quickly turns sour when I remember what an expensive date she is. Despite New York’s notoriously high price tag, I – and millions of others – decide to risk bankruptcy again and again just to visit it. However, when I went to New York last sum[...]

Around the World for Free

Have you heard of that show ‘Around the World for Free’? I hadn’t until a few days ago, and when I saw that it was ex-reality stars being filmed to travel, I wasn’t very impressed… until I found out the details: 'Around the World for Free' (ATWFF) is a reality series that challenges an individual to get all around the world with absolutely no mone[...]

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