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WTF is Champing?

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTgoPBklhuq/   A little known term that you may very well have never heard uttered previously - the name “champing” is a cute abbreviation of “church camping.” And church camping is, well, camping in churches - perhaps unsurprisingly. But I don’t mean flinging up a 2 man pop up in the cemetery - champing means[...]

10 reasons to go to Brabant

Had you asked me a week ago why anyone would want to travel to Brabant in the Netherlands, I would have probably replied that I knew next to nothing about it. So far, my awareness of the Netherlands did not stretch far beyond tulips, cheese and Amsterdam; it was only back in October of last year that I heard of Brabant Nacht from Vanessa, who wrote of he[...]

How Tel Aviv mended my travel-weary heart

It all started at Munich airport last December. I had just come back from the fourth long-haul flight in two weeks with a serious flu and none of meds I’d been throwing in worked. My body was dead tired, I was awake for 24 hours. It was getting late and then my flight to Berlin was canceled and I was supposed to be at a really important video shoot early t[...]

12 hours in Oslo

Norway has this thing where the countryside is so beautiful that you almost want to get out of its cities as soon as possible. Except that Norwegian cities are also pretty stunning. So what do you when your plane landed, that backpack is ready for serious action and you still want to sip some coffee in the coolest part (Grünerlokka!) of Oslo? Well, you s[...]

See the Golden Triangle – Travelettes Style

India had been on my radar for such a long time, that in my imagination it had to be on everybody's ultimate bucket list. I thought it would be overrun by travelers from all over the world and I thought it would be super touristy all the way through. Oh, what a mistake. When I recently went there for a rather spontaneous girlfriend getaway with my oldest a[...]

‎Traveling along the Nile in Egypt

Mention Egypt and the first that comes to the mind are the ancient pyramids of Giza. Yet, on my recent journey there I found out that Egypt is of course so much more than mysterious triangular architecture. That's why, besides scaling the great pyramids, I ventured Cairo and Giza for relaxing boat rides on the Nile and countless temples in the southern re[...]

Wine tasting deluxe: the Antinori winery, Florence

Whenever I go to Italy I have two prime concerns. One is food, the other is wine. Both are often especially good in bella Italia and since my first visit to South Tyrol last summer I am becoming more and more intrigued by all things wine and have been known to appreciate many a tastings since. A growing trend has wineries compete for always better and mor[...]

My guilty pleasure: cabin porn

If you're following our Facebook page or Instagram account you might have noticed that we're big fans of spectacular hangouts, nature and out of the ordinary architecture. We've also explored these interests in several posts about odd buildings around the world, unique hotels, tree camping and more. Lately I've had a hangup on the Cabin Porn website fle[...]

10 Odd Buildings Around the World

When stumbling through the internet, I love to come across weird and wonderful stuff. It could be everything from unique hotels to weird food that I would like to check out. Whenever I travel, I also try to check out the most interesting buildings a city has to offer, from really strange constructions to architectural masterpieces or buildings covered by co[...]

Brasilia - a futuristic utopia

Did you know that Rio de Janeiro isn't the capital of Brazil? Mistaking the capital of Samba for still being the capital of Brazil is a common mistake.  Ever since I read Jaclyn's post on abandoned futuristic monuments from former Yugoslavia, I've been thinking about Brasilia, Brazil's capital since the 1960, which in itself is one of the most monumental an[...]

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