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This new app feature connects travelers in the most beautiful way

Have you ever been on a cruise? Despite my job as a professional traveler, it took me 34 years, basically half a life, to go on my first cruise. I had lots of ideas on what it would be like and what sort of people would be attending it, and I was pretty certain I would feel out of my comfort zone; that somehow it wouldn't be my thing to be stuck on a ship f[...]

Now you can send real kisses to anyone - through your phone!

2017 just got a little better because soon there will be a smartphone add-on that lets you send a kiss that someone else can feel, even if they are on the other side of the world! We present: the Kissenger. Someone at the Imagineering Lab at City University London has a heart for lovers (or maybe just a long distance boy/girlfriend?) and decided to give th[...]

Meeting people on the road - with an app

Being on the road all by yourself feels amazing - at least most of the time. Unfortunately, there will come a moment though, when you suddenly realise that traveling alone also means, that you are, well, alone. Unless you stay in a 12-bed hostel dorm in a city frequented by the coolest backpackers out there, and especially when you are not the most outgoing[...]

Tell me where will you sleep tonight?

My girl, my girl, don't lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night? - the hymn of my teenage years. Because even though Kurt Cobain had long left, his music was still among the most influential tunes I listened to back then. Nirvana Unplugged was one of my first records, and I believe my deep love for white lilies derives from the set up of this liv[...]

Useful Travel Apps for your Iphone

Last year Nina documented some of the best ways to get your iPhone ready for travel, as well as a few recommended apps, a post that got lots of great feedback from readersm making it obvious that the right apps are still a hot topic among travelers. Some time has passed and the moment is here to follow up with eight more apps and travel resources that hel[...]

Get your iPhone ready for travelling

As I recently became a member of the ever growing iPhone community and had a trip to Norway coming up, I did some research on iPhone travel. I knew my new gadget will be a helpful buddy on the road. But safety first! As we all know, Data Roaming can be very expensive. There are horror stories of guys who had to pay more than a thousand bucks after their trip[...]

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