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7 Things to do in Dubai on a Layover

Long journeys can be tiring, especially journeys with a long layover on some faraway airport. While some people will try to avoid layovers by all means, others get bitten by the wander-bug and meticulously plan where to spend their layover and how much time they have. For them, it's just another destination to add to their list - like a micro trip. For ma[...]

5 Great Airport Reads

It’s 6 a.m. I’m elegantly gracing the sticky floor of Stansted Airport while waiting for a delayed flight and I’m praying hard that recently introduced ‘revolutionary’ changes to certain low-cost Irish airline will keep people from rubbing charity scratch cards or that bargain of a £5.99 coke into my face. Good morning. I’m Caroline, not quite [...]

Sleeping at the airport: the Sleepbox

Early morning flight? Plane delayed? Stuck at the airport? While we have provided you with a list of things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed, we might soon be able to list something quite intriguing to that list - a good night's sleep. How that's possible, when you're sleeping on the floor with your bacpkack serving as a pillow, you wonder? W[...]

20 things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed

During the last weeks, some of you might have been affected by delayed or cancelled flights due to bad weather conditions or strikes. While stranded at the airport because of unpredictable (or sometimes predictable) occasions, not being able to get home or away from home, bad karma is just around the corner and it is very easy to get angry at the world or th[...]

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