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What it's like to fly long-haul on low-cost carrier Scoot

To say I was suspicious of booking a low-cost carrier to go to to a place that would require over 10 hours of plane travel would be a bold understatement. In fact, when news first hit that Singapore Airlines were launching Scoot, a low-cost airline that offered incredibly cheap deals to go to the likes of Singapore, Bali or Australia I had immediate horror v[...]

Top 10 tips for flying with small children

Writing any sort of guideline for kids is always tricky business. Kids are no less unique and different in their ways as adults are and to pretend that one-size-fits-all type of stuff could really apply to each and every child is utter nonsense. What has however worked for me with my child was reading different opinions and various guides just like this one [...]

Link Love: yoga, thieves, and a trip to the Amazon

Hello Travelettes! It's time to share with you some of my favorite links at the moment! They are all about things that have recently inspired me, got me off the couch and out into the world, or the kitchen, or the gym and hopefully they will interest you too! new york times As some of you may know, San Francisco is my home as of this moment and, among othe[...]

Futuristic Flying - In 4 Hours from London to Melbourne

Can you imagine to enter a plane in rainy London and four hours later enjoy the sunshine in Melbourne? Hard to believe, but this might become true in the not too distant future. British scientists have developed a concept for a new 'hypersonic' plane, which could change the way we travel drastically. This project is "part of an EU drive to push forward the b[...]

Design your own airplane layout

Dear everyone, in these serious times and this mediocre weather, it's important not to forget to laugh every once and so often. And so it is my great pleasure to treat you to a pretty right-on comic, created by and published on a very funny island in the world wide web called The Oatmeal. Said website likes to draw sarcastic illustrations that could not b[...]

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