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How to get a into a traveler's mindset from home

I recently caught myself blurting out something along the lines of “I think being a traveler is more like a mindset than a job description or a hobby”. This piece of utter wisdom may or may not have been the result of a rosé wine infused night in a Hoxton bar, but either way, it did make me think the morning after. If traveling increases our life qual[...]

How to Travel as a Couple

Following on from my Valentine's Day post and Annika's wise and worthy Why I Prefer to Travel Solo article, it came to light that we haven't really discussed travelling with a partner at much length on Travelettes. While we applaud all solo female travellers and encourage girls to backpack together in heels around the world, we aren't immune to the charm[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Learning Languages

You may or may not know it, but us Travelettes are a budding group of linguists, in fact English is only a native language for three of us and don't for a second think that those non-English speakers have just one extra language hiding in their brains, because many of the Travelettes have conquered multiple languages. The most incredible thing is that I know[...]

100 things I wish I had known before traveling

I have been on many trips around the world, accompanied by my significant other. Our romantic trips in Napali and long walks along the shores of Bali are among my top favourite of all time. The following post is a flashback of the first time I had gone for a backpacking trip. So after my first ever backpacking trip to Costa Rica on the summer I turned 20,[...]

100 Things I've Learnt While Backpacking

We all love to travel. It inspires us, motivates us, improves us... and provides great tales that you can share and hold in your heart for decades. Whatever your trip brings you; good times or bad times, you can be sure that'll leave a lasting impression on your and affect you more than you realise. So when you start scratching your head and thinking about w[...]

A Do and Don't Guide to Getting a Tattoo Souvenir

What better way is there to commemorate a life-altering travel experience than to literally ink a souvenir of it onto your body? It's way cooler than a shell necklace. It will last longer than a bottle of rum. And your friends will want to see it more than those 200 digital photos of you drunk and sunburned. If you haven't already noticed, let me start of[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Festivals

Gone are the days when music festivals were only about pot-bellied heavy metal fans and men who didn't shower for three days in a row. I've drunk my share of 10am-beers whilst sat in a fold-up camping chair on a muddy field (and thoroughly enjoyed it, too!)... but especially in recent years, festival culture has become a lot more diverse and than that. [...]

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