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Beyond the valleys & the vineyards: Cycling in the Italian Alps

Cycling holidays have become quite fashionable of late. I’m constantly seeing ads for cycling tours along the River Danube or through the hilltop villages of Provence. These tours sound quite idyllic - you get up at a respectable hour, enjoy a hearty breakfast, head out on your bike for a couple of hours meandering through little villages, have lunch, cycl[...]

Solo Adventures in the South of France on a Bicycle

I’m old enough to remember when I first acquired dial-up internet and my new Nokia 3210 was the best thing since sliced bread; and ever since then life has been a whole lot easier. Much like most millennials, I rely on technology to do just about everything from ordering my next hot meal to answering burning questions like whether starfish have eyes. But s[...]

7 Things to do during a week in Nepal

For an Indian, the first place that comes to mind when thinking of traveling abroad is Nepal (usually followed by Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Thailand). I was no exception and being a mountain lover, I always wanted to visit this beautiful country to explore the Himalayan villages and to witness the Buddhist culture that exists there. When I finally got the op[...]

25 Unique Things to do in the Faroe Islands

My recent trip to the Faroe Islands has absolutely blown me away. I had been to many northern destinations and seen bizarre and isolated islands like Iceland or the Shetland islands, but the Faroes were a different number. Maybe Google Maps doesn't give them Streetview - or a complete location system to be honest - because they know that people would get [...]

5 Reasons to visit Ucluelet, British Columbia

Tell anyone who’s been to Ucluelet that you’re going and their sudden excitement and enthusiasm will infect you. My Dad talked animatedly about walks alongside quiet coastline. Lit up with excitement on hearing my holiday plans, my hairdresser launched into a series of recommendations for nearby Tofino. My manager sighed at the mention of Vancouver Islan[...]

How to Get the Most out of the Galapagos Islands

Ever since I was a little girl, watching nature programmes on the telly with my dad, holding my little Greek land tortoise in my lap and pointing at the giant tortoises on the screen, I dreamt of going there myself - the Galapagos Islands. They have always been a mysterious place: so far away, out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; inhabited by bizarre an[...]

Exploring La Alpujarra - A Secret Place in Spain

What if I told you that I have discovered a place, where you can still find peace and quiet, where you can hear the sound of silence and where nature is unspoilt and pure? Beautiful clean water running in streams and rivers makes this lush and fertile land a dreamland for walkers. Wild camping on mountain plateaus, the feeling of being on top of the worl[...]

A pleasantly wet weekend in England

Yes, you have read correctly - the words 'wet' and 'pleasant' are both in that title. Now, before you dismiss me as crazy defector who has run over to the dark side of weather appreciation, let me assure you, that we're not talking about wet-by-rain here. I forgive you that mistake though - after all, I'm talking about my recent weekend spree to Northern[...]

The Italian Alps: A serious case of mountain love

Being in the mountains is a bit like therapy for me, and I don’t even need to speak to anyone about anything. I have developed a habit of running away to them when I need a reminder of the things that really matter in life. But really, I'd take any excuse. The second part of my week in South Tyrol last month led me to Sexten (yeah, not kidding), a pict[...]

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