In December a good number of our readers took part in a survey with many questions we had, answers to which are hard to come by. To find out whether or not we were the only ones who occasionally engage in casual sex when on holiday or who go for days without showering, we asked you guys to tell us anomynously how things were for you. This is the evaluation of our survey. The shoes represent percentages of people (for example 3 shoes equals 30%).

Did you…

1. …ever get robbed?

yes heel1heel1heel1
no heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2

2. …lose something irreplaceable?

yes heel1heel1heel1heel1heel1
no heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2








3. …steal something from your hostel buddies without asking? (shampoo, food…or even more?)

yes heel1heel1heel1
no heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2heel2








4. Did your parents have to bail you out of trouble?

yes heel1