When you come to Berlin, there are a few things you should do. Party at Berghain and Bar 25, eat a currywurst, go shopping in Mitte and if you’re here during a Sunday you definitely must not miss Mauerpark on Sundays. What started out as a pretty rad and large fleamarket, has slowly turned into the most important social event of the week. Unpretentious and easygoing, anyone can come here, throw a blanket on the floor and sell the cake they baked in the morning, perform the song they learned the previous week, offer haircuts, tarot readings, chilled drinks, stolen bikes, selfmade jewellery, wornout clothing….. you get the picture. Something for everyone. It’s full of great photo opportunities which explain the huge amount of people coming here with their big cameras (and not mainly tourists).

Something that, to me personally, has added a great bit of magic to Sundays at Mauerpark is Bearpit Karaoke. From 3 to 7pm, Bearpit founder and Irish expat Joe Hatchiban sets up 2 speakers attached to a laptop that plays songs. Karaoke songs. Anyone can sign up and sing a song for the up to 2000 people witnessing this awesome spectavle every week. It’s always a highlight and the quite possibly the best 4 hours of free entertainment in town.