Dear Travelettes,

Depending on where you live, the weather right now is still not really saying spring, let alone summer. You might wake up to a few rays of sun in the morning but once you step outside you freeze, like you’ve been freezing for months now.
If this type of weather drags you down, take my advice – denial is the best medicine. This is a great time of starting to look at flights and destinations for your summer abroad and why not take first measures of preparation by looking into the pretty clothes that already are being sold in the shops?

I’m a big fan of COS, they seem to find a great cross of original, comfortable and affordable, all into a reasonably high quality. So when I just got these images of their new summer collection, I wanted to share it with you.

A lot of these are great for traveling due to their versatility and comfort.

A) For the lady in you…..


1) The shirt is a fabulous all-rounder as you can wear it during day and night. Dress it down with a colored skirt or shorts and dress it up by combining it with a leather shorts or a black pencil skirt.

2) The dress is something I always buy when traveling because, in it, I feel like a lady explorer or scientist from back in the days.

3) If you like to be ladylike at times, you might like this blazer (which can easily be worn as a dress!). Can’t you just picture yourself all too well strolling down the sidewalk in Soho, Manhattan wearing this?

B) Comfort Zone….

SS10PSW67_lowres lookbook-w12_lowres SS10PSM48_lowres

1) This fun skirt is a wonderful solution for the day-time. Airy, girly and easily matched with other colors like orange, blue or white.

2) If you don’t yet own a pair of these, this really is the time to get one. Girls in London have been sporting this look for almost 2 years, but I notice it more and more often in other cities as well. If you don’t want to spend the €49 these cost at COS, just cut off an old pair of jeans you may have lying around.

3) As an experienced traveler I think there is no better travel wear than dresses. You throw one on and you’re good to go. They keep sweating at a minimum, make you look smart and girly (I get horror vision when I think of all the girls I see in T-Shirts and thai-wrap-pants). Wearing one like this with a strong color will get you noticed and smiled at because a bright dress alludes to a bright personality wearing it!

C) Accessorize…..

SS10AM10_lowres SS10AW22_lowres SS10AW20_lowres

1) Finding the right bag to take a long on your trip is a tricky subject. When backpacking you will want a bag for your city breaks but it needs to fit into your backpack ideally. This blue option comes in handy here and is a nice touch of color on your back.

2) Now that you’ve saved space by not bringing a massive shoulder bag, you can allow yourself a cute clutch like this for going out at night or to something requiring a more fancy dress. This orange one is simple, yet chic.

3) Jewellery – Another tricky subject. If you’re traveling to a big city, bring some. This one from COS is a nice allrounder.

Fashionable travels,