Dear travelettes,

now that the first hot days of the year have arrived I find myself thinking about swimwear. I’m pretty sure that last year my bathing suit came out only for a short week during a trip to Thailand, but for this year I am planning on a whole lot more beach time and it is time for a sparkly, brilliant, star-of-the-beach bathing suit or bikini.

Doing a bit of research, I have come across an interesting fact: there appear to be a lot more fashionable bathing suits than bikinis this season. All fine with me, who needs a tanned belly? – I don’t. Especially not if I  get to parade around in a bathing suit that combined with a jeans or skirt, even makes a daytime top.

Here are a few of my favorites….


bathing suits

All the swim wear presented in this post can be found on the Travelettes Polyvore profile

bathing suits

Clearly I see the upside of bikinis as well, they’re sexy, you get to show off the results of the last 6 months at the gym and bronzing is easy, if that’s what you’re into. For that reason I’ve picked out some bikini faves as well…


The best part of bikinis of course is that you can mix and match the bottom with the top. I like the example with the cut-off jeans and the flower top…

bikini summer

What are you wearing this summer? Bikinis? Bathing suits?

Happy sunbathing,