5 years ago I first discovered South East Asia. I got a tan in Thailand, got flooded in Vietnam and stuck in the mudd in Cambodia. I enjoyed every day and so it is my great pleasure that for the next 4 days, starting today, I get to share some of my experiences with people during Info-evenings organized by STA TRAVEL who have kindly invited me to show some of my photos and talk about South East Asia.

The exact dates are:
27.09. Bochum – STA Travel Shop Universitätsstraße 150
28.09. Köln – Uni-Hauptgebäude Hörsaal V, Albertus-Magnus-Platz
29.09. Aachen – STA Travel Shop, Markt 22
30.09. Bonn – STA Travel Shop, Kaiserstraße 22

If you live in one of these cities and are considering to travel to either Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, please do come along (it would be nice to meet some of our readers as well). The evenings start at 7.30pm and you’re kindly requested to announce your attendance to your local STA office in advance (a phone call is enough).

See you there!