Dear Travelettes,

meet my my latest obsession:


Ever since I moved to Berlin I have been an avid bike-rider, because it’s hands down, the quickest way of getting around in the city, it keeps you well in shape and there is just a great feeling of freedom when you ride past all those sad pedestrians who wished they could get to where they’re going 5 times faster.

Now, as much as I love a bike ride, I have always been afraid to seriously invest in a bike because I fear it will eventually get stolen. So what do I do? I buy ugly, half-broken vintage bikes that nobody wants. Not even thieves. But recently, with summer starting, I am thinking it’s time to commit to something esthetically pleasing. Something to show-off with. Something to make anyone in a Mercedes or Ferrari blush and wish they had a bike as cool as mine. And today, I found it. In a travel magazine.

While I come up with ideas to make an extra €2500 (the cost of this bike of bikes), I will also reminisce about all the mini-breaks I would go on with that bike. All the lakes in and around Berlin. The picknicks in the parks…. a dreamy idea.

Or maybe I could write a fan-letter? “Dear Gucci, please sponsor me with one of your incredible bicycles. I will return it after the summer.” Could that work?

Surely one day me and this evergreen on wheels will be united.

Happy cyling,



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