Your days of camping inside boring triangle or igloo-shaped tents are counted – there is a new star shining brightly from camp heaven! British Festival gear provider has come up with an incredibly cool tent shaped just like a full-size replica of the VW T1 – a camping legend in its own right.

The tent is high enough to stand in and features two rooms that can be seperated and closed with a simple zip. Up to four people can sleep comfortably in here, which comes in especially handy if you’re traveling with a mixed group of guys and girls, and are looking for some privacy (that is, unless your love for flower power and hippie lifestyle extends to free love and a nudity for all type mentality).

Supersweet: this baby comes in three lovely shades of bright yellow, rockin’ red or boyish blue. At the cost of about €340, it is a bit of a splurge, compared to what you’d normally spend on a tent, but it certainly is worth it, if you’ve been planning on perfecting your status as a rightful camper glamper. Just picture yourself at the next festival you’re going to – I’ll bet your colorful accomodation will kick-start conversations with everyone in a 2-mile radius.

Getting interested yet? It’s available for purchase here. Maybe you’re wondering what other cool gadgets are out there for your ultimate camping glamping experience. What if I told you there was a dog hut tent? Or solar-powered Iphone speakers? Or even a portable DIY crapper? Check out the video for more awesome camping gear provided by