What’s the bravest thing you’ve done on your travels? Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Whitewater rafting? Cycling Bolivia’s most dangerous road? Drinking that bucket cocktail three times the size of your head at a beach party in Thailand? Well there is a new attraction in Austria made to make your knees shake and test your stomach to the max- beware this is not one for those afraid of heights!

Dachstein Glacier bridge Austria

With a sheer drop of more than 1300 ft (400 meters) the newly opened “stairway to nothingness” in Dachstein, Austria, tests the nerves of all that visit. After having walked across a suspension bridge high above the Dachstein massif, visitors are then challenged to walk along the side of the rock face and down 14 steps onto a clear glass platform perched 400 meters above the ground. So just for a moment you can hover above the rocks like a bird and experience a feeling of pure freedom.

The breathtaking views over this glacial landscape are higher than anything else you’ll find in Austria and sure to deliver a real adrenalin rush to anyone game enough to walk those 14 steps.

Dachstein Glacier bridge Austria Dachstein Glacier bridge Austria Dachstein Glacier bridge Austria

So…. I’m game if you are!

For more information about visiting the Dachstein stairway to nothingness, situated near the town of Schladming, Austria, check out their official website here.

Photos via here and here.