I love Stockholm, the Swedes, their fashion sense and last but not least their music. The Swedes seem to be successful at everything they do, and the country has produced an amazing amount of great artists despite its modest size. I’m sure you’ve heard about Robyn, the Hives, Lykke Li, The Tallest Man on Earth, Mando Diao, the Cardigans, ABBA, Refused and many many more. If I continued listing I would probably finish sometime next year as so many talented musicians originated or are living in Sweden. To share some of the wonderful sounds of my fellow Scandinavians with you I would highly recommend you to watch the beautiful music documentary Sounds of Stockholm.

Sounds of Stockholm a short film by Valerie Toumayan

The girl behind the documentary, the graphic designer and filmmaker Valerie Toumayane, met up with some of her favorite Stockholm-based musicians in their own environment. The trip around Stockholm takes us to Gamla Stan (the beautiful old part of the city), into the musicians homes, rooftops and backyards showing a different part of the city. The featured artists are Those Dancing Days, Little Marbles, Peter Morén, Panter, Lesli, Tobias Fröberg, Amanda Ekberg, Friska Viljor, Peter Bjorn & John, Jennie Abrahamson, Ak von Malmborg, Dag för Dag, Rebekka Karijord and Ane Brun.

Here’s the film:

I highly recommend you to check out the artist descriptions and Valerie’s extra material on her Ilovesweden page.



Kathrine Opshaug Bakke Kathrine Opshaug Bakke, editor at Travelettes from 2009 to 2013, wrote this post. Originating from Norway, she has been living in Berlin, Lisbon, and Stockholm the past 6 years.

She loves cities with imperfect facades, photography, traveling by bike, vintage hunting, and everything that comes with cheese. Follow her visual diary at anchoredpaperplane.com.